My Bullet Journal® Setup

July 04, 2017
Continue from my last post about bullet journal (check this), I want to share about my bullet journal setup. So, check this out! (。◕‿◕。)

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Check here for other Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) about Bullet Journal® !

First, you need a journal to make bullet journal of course . So, I use a simple journal from Notokata for my first bullet journal. Here is my first bullet journal on the picture.
I like this book for my first bullet journal and the price is cheap, not like Leuchttrum 1917 which is expensive for me. The cover of this journal is from Kraft paper. It’s thick enough, about 200 gr, said the seller on the description of product. Price is IDR 12500. I bought this online from Tokopedia. I decorate it with washi tape to give a cute look. ^^

Second, you need tools to write on your bullet journal. My tools are pen, marker, and crayon. Here are the list of my tools:
  • Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.4 mm black pen --> my favorite pen since high school
  • Snowman Marker (black, red, light green, blue, purple, brown)
  • Neocolor I Water-Resistant Carandache Crayon 30 colors
  • Miniso My Color 2 Double-ended Marker (Red, Pale Orange, Peach) --> New Marker for bujoing

Third, you need to make a layout. My layout was inspired from AmandaRachLee on Youtube.
My first page is about Keys. I follow the general code system on bullet journaling.
  • Full Dot (•) for task
  • Cross mark (❌) for task complete
  • Greater than sign (>) for migrated
  • Less than sign (<) for scheduled
  • Strikethrough for canceled
  • Hollow Dot symbol (о) for event
  • Strip (-) for note
  • Star (*) for priority

Next page is about Index. I spare few pages for Index page. I split it into two columns. First column for page number and second column for the contents. Don't forget to make page number on each page if your journal doesn't insert page number on it. My journal doesn't have it, so I make it manual for each page.

After that is my Future Log. I made it just one page and draw simple layout. I put red color on national holiday, green color on someone’s birthday, pink color for love event, and yellow color for my travel event. That’s my future log on the left page.
On the right page is My Watch List. I split it into two columns. One for Korean Drama list and another one for West Series. I color each box after I finish the episode. Love and excited to do this. >.<
As you can see, I prefer to watch Korean Drama than West Series. LOL. It's because West Series is more complex and difficult to understand than Korean Drama (in my opinion). So in my spare time I watch Korean Drama more because it easy to understand. But if I have watched West Series, I can't stop to watch it. LOL. West series are good to make a plot twist. Really. I can't expect the plot. 
Final page is My Reading Challenge for 2017. I add this layout for this year so I know how much books I read on 2017. I never read novel or book again since collage. So I try to read again this year.
Next I make a monthly log layout and weekly layout. I also add habit tracker and mood tracker. I make Brain Dump spread to write my “uneg-uneg”. I’m not using daily log because I think weekly is enough for me to arrange my plan and record my diary.
That’s it! Simple to start a bullet journal. I remember words from bullet journalist, I forgot her name, and she said we don’t have to make it beautiful with cute doodle or perfect drawing. Because bullet journal is just to make you productive. Make a plan for the future, write a diary, and being nostalgic with it after that. So, don't make it difficult to start! Happy BuJoing ^^


  1. Hoo..Selama ini g cuma nulis diary biasa (dan skrg lagi angot2an nulisnya) G baru tau ada bullet journal, pik. Kayaknya seru, ya.. Nanti mau ikutan bikin ah (kalo deadline udah rampung ��)

    1. Iya gw juga baru tau bulan kemaren wkwk trus simple gitu jadinya terekam semuanya hahaha dan lebih tertata aja. Ayo2 ikutan jadi bullet journalist haha ntr coba jadi boho berry tribe aja di facebook. Group para bullet journalist. Bisa dapet banyak inspirasi dari situ


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