Get a Haircut

July 06, 2017
To be honest, I rare to get a haircut. It is because I’m a typical woman who don’t really care much about the hairstyle or do the hair care at salon. I prefer to do the hair care by myself at home. I’m too lazy to go to salon and I like to spend my money for other things than for the salon things. So I always feel awkward when I go to salon. (◔̯◔)
I didn't know what spirit has come to me so I want to get a haircut yesterday at Cherry Salon. This was my second time got a haircut here. I like the service from here and the price for haircut was not expensive for me. I came here alone after office. As I told you from my post before about a new haircut, this salon was near my office and my place at Jakarta. So, I just walk by my foot to came here.
I just cut my hair with a bob style I think. I don't want to have a layer style again because make my hair look so thin. So I just told the hair cutter to just cut it straight. LOL. But she thought that it's not cool to just cut it straight, so she made a little bit layer at the end of my hair I think. And here it new hairstyle~

What do you think? Is it looks good for me? ٩◔̯◔۶

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