Driving Skill

January 19, 2021
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I already told you about my wish to master car driving this year on my first post for this year here. Of course I need to practice a lot to do that. πŸ˜ Yet, behind every practice, there's a lot of little incidents (or accidents) πŸ˜…. 

First time I practiced driving in twenty twenty (since I finished driving class in 2019) was when I went to hospital to took care papa. I drove from Bekasi to North Jakarta (Kelapa Gading to be precise). Of course this happened because Mr. Q shout out to made me drive the car. Said "Ayo lo yang nyetir, latihan biar cepet bisa!" Thankfully, we arrived in good condition without accident or mental shock. πŸ˜†

Since then, I drove from hospital to Bekasi (our homestay while Papa in hospital) or from Bekasi to hospital. First accident happened when I try to park the car in parking lot at Bekasi. Mr. Q guide me to move forward because it's very close with the pillar if I move backward. But I got it wrong and still in "R" position, I lift the brake and bam! The car hit the pillar. It left a mark on the right back of the car. πŸ˜’ Mr. Q's face turn furious. πŸ€§ I apologize and try to not do that again. (I hope)

Another "accident" happened when I drove from Karawang to Jakarta in night. Nope, nope, don't think it's a big accident. I just... When I arrived at Halim Gate, I need to tap the e-money at the gate. But I took it close to the gate and right mirror hit the iron plate at the gate. Thankfully there no big mark in the mirror. And Mr. Q who sit beside me just murmured about it.

When Mr. Q talk with me about railroad construction along Karawang to Jakarta, I try to look at the construction and the car went to the left side (my position on the fast lane). Mr. Q warn me about that and I try to move back on track quickly made the car "ngegeleong" πŸ˜…. Thanks God, we didn't get any accident. 

I've also braked until the car stopped at Cikarang gate. Nearly hit the truck because the road is getting narrower there. Mr. Q again murmured and "ckckckck" to me. 🀧 He said that it's dangerous to braked until the car stop at highway. But if I didn't brake, we will hit the truck πŸ˜·. Right now, the narrower road at Cikarang gate become wider so it will be easier to drive on that way.

Have you ever see night bus at highway? They drive recklessly. I shock when the bus move very fast to precede the car in front of him and nearly hit me (I was on the middle lane). I once again move "ngegeleong" try to avoid that bus at right lane and move a bit to the left. But I wrong because I didn't look at the left mirror. On that moment, there's no truck at left lane so I safe to move a bit to the left. But again Mr. Q warn me to don't ever suddenly change lane like that. If there's car in the left lane, I definitely hit that car. I still remember clearly in my mind of  the scary feeling from that "incident".

On the same moment after nearly got hit from the crazy bus, I almost got crushed by two big cars! Again, I drive in the middle lane. At the left side there's a truck near me try to precede the other truck in the left lane and at the right side there's a bus try to precede the car in front of him. So scary!!! Nearly got hit like that. I hit a brake to avoid that and curse that two cars!!!

After that, I try to drive right behind a car (truck) in the middle lane. So there's no truck or bus try to precede and near hit me again like that. πŸ˜£ But Mr. Q grumble at me because my speed is just 60 km/h and made him sleepy. πŸ˜… 

Btw, driving at night it's so challenging especially when it's raining. My vision become limited by the raindrop. And I annoyed to push the wiper lever because it turns in the wrong mode for me. I just want to wipe it once, but I accidentally push it to make the wiper automatic wipe. πŸ˜… I always ask Mr. Q to fix the lever in the right mode for me while I'm driving. Hahaha. Curse that wiper lever!!!!

So, what do you think about my driving skill? Hahaha When I tell about this to my friend, she stated that she didn't want in the same car with me if I drive that car. πŸ˜… Thank goodness Mr. Q didn't give up to guide me to drive the car.


  1. Keep in driving Fris. I had the same experience in the past. Incidents or accidents (as long as it is not a big one) is a part of driving learning. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Don't worry about Mr Q, he knew that it would happen when he asked youbto drive. He knew that it was a correct step to become a driving master πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I taught my son two years back and had the same things. Mr Q would never give up .. trust me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Thanks for your support Mr. Anton!! Yup. It's a part of driving learning. Without that, I never know how to handle that situations hehe

      Yup. Mr. Q always ask me to drive especially from Karawang to Jakarta. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… At least I must master driving in highway. I think it's easier because there's no motorcycle or people in the road and just move forward, not u-turn, right turn or left turn hehe

      I think Kribo is good at driving right now, isn't he? πŸ₯³

    2. Yes, he is now. I am now having a chaffeur hahaha... He never allows me to drive whenever we go together. He choose to be on the driving seat.

      It took one full year before I allow him to obtain a driving license. So, be patient and keep on driving. It's like writing as well. It needs a lot of practice.

      So trust yourself and believe you can. You will master it soon

    3. hahaha congratulations! πŸ₯³ Wow he's such a gentleman. This proof that mas Anton taught him so well

      Ameeeen! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. hahaha!!! its okayyyy ... you going to be pro driver soon!!!

    1. yup!!! pro driver or a racer πŸ‘½ because Mr. Q teach me to drive faster 🀣🀣🀣

  3. Semangat Ci Frisca! Maju terus pantang mundur 😁
    Menurutku, paling tepat untuk ditemani belajar oleh laki-laki karena mereka nggak mudah panik jadi nggak menganggu konsentrasi. Kalau ditemani sama perempuan, belum apa-apa pasti udah teriak duluan, jadi bikin konsentrasi buyar dan tambah nervous πŸ˜‚
    Dengan memperbanyak latihan, aku yakin Ci Frisca akan jadi semakin mahir dan lebih terasah driving sensenya hihihi. Semangattt Ci πŸ’ͺ🏻

    1. Makasih Lia si peri kecil sudah menyemangatiku! Wah sekarang namanya ganti jadi Peri Kecil Lia yaak hihihi πŸ˜†

      Memang, lebih baik pelatihnya itu pria yang berpikir berdasarkan logika bukan perasaan hihihihi Makanya tiap ada insiden2 itu, ga ada teriakan, cuma decakan yang terheran-heran melihat caraku mengemudi hihihi
      Yang teriak itu mamaku dan adekku (yang juga perempuan) saat aku nabrak tiang di garasi rumah hhihii kebetulan saat itu mereka satu mobil sama aku sebagai supirnya...
      True, musti sering nyetir memang biar makin lancarr

  4. Hahahahahaha, semangaaaaaat mbaaa :D. Tapi aku salut kamu ttp mencoba ;).

    Aku udh blaaaas ga mau bawa mobil lagi sejak kecelakaan hebat pas SMU. Itu kondisi mobil ancur total, tapi mukjizat aku selamat dengan luka2 gores doang -_-. Tapi cukup bikin aku kapok ga mau lagi bawa mobil. Apalagi Di Jakarta. Pas kecelakaan itu aku bawa nya di Aceh. Dari segi jalan aja beda, jelas lebih sepi dan teratur ;D.

    Lah kalo JKT, kita dituntut utk berani nyelip dll hihihihi... Ga laaah, aku milih naik taxi ato disupirin suami ajaaa hahahaha

    Ada yg bilang, kalo kita lancar bawa mobil di Jakarta dan Medan, berarti pasti lulus bawa mobil di negara manapun jugaaa, kecuali India mungkin wkwkwkwkwk

    1. Aduh kak itu ngeri bangettt kalo mobil sampai ancur total... Kakaknya beruntung cuma luka2 gores ya! Berarti safety di dalam mobilnya oke juga ya... Cuma emang sih yang kutau mobil jaman sekarang kan mobil kaleng, jadi ditabrak gitu, mobilnya bakal rusak parah supaya orang di dalam tidak kena impact severe. Tapi kalo tabrakan hebat sih tetep aja orang di dalamnya bisa kenapa2...
      Waktu itu kakak bawa mobilnya sendirian? Ditabrak apa kak sampe mobil ancur total??? 😱😱😱

      Iya di Jakarta adu salipnya itu paraah, di tambah motor2nya ya ampuuun kayak serangga! Tau-tau dia lewat terus motong jalaan huhuhu bikin syok dan hampir kecelakaan!!! 😫

      hahahha analoginya lucu juga kak 🀣🀣🀣 Tapi iya juga sih, tingkat aggressive driving di Jakarta dan Medan memang bisa di bilang tinggi. Terkhusus Jakarta, aku pernah penelitian terkait driving behavior di bandung. Emg kalo pengemudi plat B tuh lebih ugal-ugalan ketimbang plat D...Kebanyakan, warga plat D tuh sebel sama pengemudi plat B karena selap selipnya ampuuun hihihi

  5. Halo kak Frisca, aku baru nih kesini😊 waktu aku baca pengalaman menyetir mobil, aku jadi ingat masa-masa aku suka nabrakin mobilπŸ˜‚ untungnya cuma lecet-lecet aja dan nggak parah.

    Yang paling parah tuh aku pernah nggak terlalu dalam nginjek rem di saat turunan, padahal harusnya berhenti. Di depanku ada motor dan akhirnya kutabrak dong:( tapi untung nggak kenapa-kenapa, cuma kesenggol aja gitu. Hehe eh jadi curhatπŸ˜…

    Semangat Kakk, melancarkan nyetir memang sangaaat butuh waktu. Pelan-pelan asal selamat Kak, karena pasti semua orang butuh waktu yang berbeda-bedaπŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

    1. Halooo Jezibel! Namanya unik banget niiih hehehe Salam kenal ya ^^ Wadoooh jangan suka nabrakin mobill sis... Cukup nyaris aja #eh

      Adooww, untung ya ga kenapa-kenapa... Temenku pernah nabrak orang di parkiran rs, sampe orangnya harus dijait lukanya huhuhu 😭

      Kalo sekarang uda lancar dong ya pasti nyetirnya???

      Yup yup, makasih yaa! Betul pelan-pelan asal selamat! Tapi Mr. Q slalu bilang "ngapain sih lu ngerem, orang di depan ga ada apa2" tiap aku jalan pelan2 pas keluar tol karena takut nabrak apa2 hahaha Habis aku lebih baik jalan pelan-pelan deh daripada cepet-cepet eh nabrakk huhuhu

  6. Wohohooh, tulisannya bahasa enggres, gw ga terlalu faham hahah
    ntar dibaca dulu pelan-pelan, kemudian kalo ada yg ga faham pake google aja laah :))

    1. ora popo Dodo... Ini aku lagi iseng aja nulis dalam bahasa inggris skalean asah writing skill hihihi

  7. Almost never I got significant incident or accident, thankfully. Cuma dulu pernah aja pas nyetir bawa mobil temen tuh keluar dari parkiran yang narrow banget antara mobil berjajar dan jalan keluarnya, saya sampai nyenggol dikit mobil sebelah sampai bunyi alarmnya dong.... Langsung kaburrr ahaha udah itu aja insidennya, udah makin jarang nyetir mobil lagi soalnya. Tapi seru ya mbak belajar nyetir mobil gitu. Mbak terasa adrenalin berpacu nggak? :D ehehehe
    Tetap semangat dan berkendara dengan aman ya!

    1. Thanks God, you have a good driving skill!!
      Waah iya itu sulit banget tuh ya keluar dari area yang sempit gituuu. Aku aja kalo nyetir area sempit tuh masih takuuut hahaha, bahkan buat masuk ke dalam komplek rumah aja masih ngerii soalnya kan musti ngepasin sama pintu gerbangnya (cuma muat 1 mobil) jadi kalo ga pas, bisa nyium pintu gerbang haahha

      Tentu saja adrenalin terpacu kak Intan. Apalagi pas nyetir di jalan tol. Kan musti high speed yak... Jadi terasa tuh adrenalinnya jadi tinggi hahaha
      Makasih kak Intan :) Aku nyetir juga jaraaaaang banget. Paling 2 minggu sekali (pas lagi pergi ke Karawang aja hehe)


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