Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Different Language

Here a funny story from my experience when I live in different city. As I grew up in a small district called Karawang and I went to collage in Bandung, I usually use Bahasa Sunda on my daily life, okay okay I admit that I use a little Bahasa Sunda combine with Bahasa Indonesia (◔◡◔). So, it’s funny for me if there’re other people who don’t understand the words that I use. It’s like “belok (not like turn right or turn left but you read this “be” like you said “burn” but without "n"), “leho”, “melempep”, “gening”, and so on. These other people is usually from Jakarta because they’re not using Bahasa Sunda. So I try to explain that words to them and we laugh at the ending when they know the meaning. We laugh because they think it’s strange meaning, so they tell me what word for that in their daily language.
OK, back to my funny story, yesterday I went to warteg (warung tegal a.k. food stall with cheap fast food). I bought tahu kari (curry tofu), toge (tauge a.k. mung bean sprout), and bala-bala (like fried food) for my dinner. When I said “bala-bala”, the seller didn’t understand. Here a conversation between me (M) and the seller (s)
M: “One bala-bala, please (Bala-balanya satu).” And my index finger was point to the food tray full of fried food.
 S: “What? Do you mean bakwan? (Apa? Bakwan?)” His hand aim to the food tray.
M: Smile. “Yes, that one, please. (Iya, itu)”.

Yup, here in Jakarta, everyone say “Bala-bala” as “Bakwan” while in my district, bakwan means a fried mash potato. So, as now I'm living in Jakarta, I try to adapt with the language. Here an image of "bakwan" in my head.
Bakwan image in my head
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So, that's my experience with the different language. Do you have same experience like me? Share with me! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆ) 


When I wanted to pay my meal, there was a man wanted to pay for me. Epic. ( ⁀⊙﹏☉⁀ )
And that awkward moment has begun (krik krik krik). This was my first experience when stranger wanted to pay for my meal. LOL. (◡‿◡✿). In the end, I insisted to pay for myself. When I left, I smiled to him and he smiled back to me. Hahaha


  1. Iya, Pik.. G juga pernah kayak gitu. G mau pesen bakwan dikasihnya bala-bala, gak taunya di JKT tuh bakwan dibilangnya bala-bala, g pikir bakwan jagung..X'D

    1. Iya lucu ya
      tapi emang kalo tinggal di tanah sunda, pasti mikirnya akan gitu