Traveler's Notebook or Simple Notebook?

July 11, 2017
Traveler’s notebook or simple notebook?
Right now I’m using a simple notebook because I’m new to bullet journal world and I think it is useless for a fancy notebook for the first time. As I saw Boho Berry Post about transferring to traveler’s notebook, I thought it was cool and I also want to have one. In Indonesia, I find an online shop that sell it. With leather as a cover but also there is a shop who sell a cover with Japanese Cotton as a fabric.
Here a shop that sell traveler’s notebook:

Maybe after my simple notebook was done, I'll start to buy a traveler's notebook. Psst, Mr. Kibo also want to have one but with a small size because he want to use it as a book for meeting.
So, what do you think? It is better to write bullet journal in a simple notebook or in traveler's notebook?

Image above is belong to the owner (Minty Mint) and I don't own the photo.

In my opinion, here is a table about traveler's notebook vs simple notebook:

Traveler’s Notebook
Simple Notebook
Leather or Fabric
Hard cover or soft cover made of paper
Have a 3 sizes (small, passport, regular)
Have more variation of size
Have a pocket to keep some papers or cards
Don’t have it, just insert it between the pages
Combine two or more books

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