July 10, 2017
Why do I always get a headache? I don’t know since when I always get a headache. Not every time, but almost at the weekend. Since I live in Bandung, I sometimes get a headache in the evening. I think it’s because I’m not in a good condition, so when the wind blow hard on me, my body can’t take it and then I get a headache. Or I'm starving and late to eat, then my head aching. Even I also puke and can’t eat at all because I want to puke again if I begin to eat. Haaaaa....I hate being like this. Now, when I live in Jakarta. At weekend, I get a headache again. I don’t know why this symptom always appear on me. So, I always prepare a paracetamol (panadol or sanmol) in my wallet or my bag. So if I feel “nyut-nyutan” (headache) I soon eat that medicine. Beside that, I always get a headache when I’m on PMS. One day before my first period, I always get headache. Meh. My boyfriend suggest me to consult with the doctor. I hope it’s just a normal condition because my body is weak. Do you also have a condition like me? Please give a comment below, I like to read it and reply to your comment. Maybe you have same condition like me?

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