Thursday, August 10, 2017

Journal: My Final August Cover

Hi (/◕ヮ◕)/
Before it's too late to post about this, I want to share about my final August cover for my bullet journal. As you read from my post before, I confuse about how to make my August cover. I chose to draw Garuda but I thought it's too difficult for me. (。>﹏<。) So my friend, Mei, told me to draw something like Batik. Yeah. She inspired me. She told me that she just write August in her cover with red ink pen. Later she will decorate it with Indonesian theme because this month is our country independence day.
First, I just do it like her. I just write 'Welcome August' with red ink marker and draw like a banner. I don't know what's next to draw in the empty space. So I just let it be like that. Later I draw Indonesian flag decorate on top page. And next, after a few days, I draw batik as a background. Here is the final cover of my August cover.
My August 2017 Cover
How is it? Do you like it? I made a mistake there if you notice. Hahaha... But I can't fix it and I just let it be like that. (︶^︶). I remember I have drawn batik for my drawing class task. I got a nice score for my batik. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)ﻭ I really proud of it. But unfortunately, I lost my drawing book during independence day festival in my school. I'm sad I lost it. So I can't be nostalgic again with my drawing. Ckck...
Skip the sad emotion right now...I don't want you to be sad because finally I have an August Cover! yeaaaaa!!!! (/◕ヮ◕)/(\◕ヮ◕)\(/◕ヮ◕)/(\◕ヮ◕)/


  1. Wah.. Akhirnya jadi juga, Pik..
    Bagus lho pattern nya..

    1. aw makasih Mei! >.<
      itu gw pikirkan setelah lama berkontemplasi wkwkwk
      bingung soalnya mao gmn buatnya hahaaha