Zombie Apocalypse

August 02, 2017
Nowadays, there are so many film or book or story about zombie. Yeah like zombie apocalypse. I have been watch movie about this, such as World War Zombie, Train to Busan, Inferno (not really about zombie, but there is a scene about hell and people like zombie for me), Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, I am Legend, The Walking Dead, and so on. Beside movie (or series), I also play board game about Zombie Apocalypse like Zombicide, Mall of Horror, and Dead of Winter. Everything about zombie, the virus, dead, ruin, survive, and thing like if you've been bitten and you'll become like them, and many more . Yeah if this is real, I can't imagine what this world would like and it's really scary I think!
Everything about this influence me and this condition happened in my dream. Oh man, it's such a really bad dream. I have been chased by them in my travel back to my hometown. My bus flip over and I run as fast as I can. Oh gosh, I can feel it like real. Thanks God it's just a dream. I hope this never happen to me. A biological weapon that spread the world and make people like zombie as an example. I hope this really really never exist. (。>﹏<。)

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