Day 01 - New Pic and Fact about Me

January 28, 2021

Hello. Furisukabo here to write about first challenge on 15 Days Challenge Writing that I told you before. You'll always be my Day One πŸŽΆ  Oops, I can't help not to sing Day One by HONNE if I write "day one" πŸ˜† Ok, back to topic. Day One - New Pic and Fact about Me.

New Pic

Here is my new pic on my phone gallery.

Little Mint

I know new pic is should be about my 'new' face this year. But since I don't have a proper photo of myself this year - yeah I am not into selfie photo, so I give you my last photo that I have been taken. It is my Little Mint. Her mother is on this picture below.

Mother Mint

I tried to multiply this mint by cutting the stem and place the stem in a glass of water. After a couple of days, the root sprout out and I move it out to the pot in yellow color. Yup, you can see there are two stems in that pot. I hope Little Mint can grow well in her new home (yellow pot). If you can spot, there is a white pot beside Mother Mint. It is another Little Mint, let's called it White Little Mint? πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£ I don't have a good idea to name it. LOL.

Fact about Me

Hmm fact about me. Deep thinking. Processing. And *tring* One fact about me is I love blue! When I was a little kid, my favorite color is yellow. But I don't know why, since high school, I love blue very much!! When I went to a cloth store, I will definitely grab and see  clothes with blue color πŸ˜† Everyone around me know it. In my cupboard, almost my clothes in blue color, whether in navy blue, sky blue, baby blue, dark blue, and many blue. But now, I try to buy clothes with different color, so in my cupboard not dominate in blue color again πŸ˜…

I think that's for today. Thanks for reading my absurd post. 😜😜😜


  1. we are quite opposite with the color, when i was a kids, my favorite is blue, then starts teenagers phase, change to purple but now i love yellow hehe


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