Day 02 - My Inspiration for Blogging

January 29, 2021
Hello, day two of 15 Days Writing Challenge. Talk about my inspiration for blogging, actually I want to have a blog since high school because my friend already have one. I thought it's so cool to have personal blog and it's like online diary (on that time) that cannot lose and you can read it later in the future.

Rinz is my school friend who already writing blog in high school.

She is my inspiration to have a blog. She was good at writing. She passed away when I was in college and I really sad to lose her. 😭 Right now, when I miss her, I will visit her blog. Read her stories in that blog and it brings back memories of her and high school time. Thanks Rinz to give me an inspiration to writing blog.

I know I didn't start blogging in high school. Even tough Rinz encourage me to start blogging, but I underestimate me and I think it's hard to have a blog. That time I don't have internet access, so it's difficult for me too to log in a blog and start posting. I finally start blogging when I have a task from college orientation. My senior ask to make a blog and write a post every day (during orientation). Since then, I start to writing in blog. 😄

In 2017, I become active to writing in blog. I know I still have to learning and practice to have a good writing. Since I actively writing and blog walking, I found many blogs that have a good template and writing. I try to learn from them and also interact with them. It's such a pleasure to meet them in blog and become online friend. Thanks God to have them in my life. 🥰🥰🥰


  1. i am sorry for your lost. What happened to her :( this is so heartbreaking...

    1. Thank you Atie :)
      She has lupus. She struggle a lot to survive from her sickness. And in my first year of college, she finished her battle in this world and went back home to Heaven :)


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