Journal: My New Custom Journal

October 13, 2017
I just got my new custom journal from Pappan Lukis. Wohooo~ Here's the pic of me with my new custom journal (≧▽≦)

After I got a long day searching online shop that sell journal with dotted grid, both in Tokopedia and Shopee~ Finally, yeah finally I found a cute journal that can meet my expectation! Name of the shop is Pappan Lukis. This shop is from Bali, Indonesia. Uuu •̀.̫•́✧ This journal contains 200 pages, yeah 200 pages, for the first time I don't think it is 200 pages and I feel expensive to buy this journal. But, after a long compare to other journals, I choose this! For me it is worth it. The price for this Totoro Journal is IDR 62.000 and shipping fee IDR 19.000. So cool! Another cool things beside the price is you can give a quote or just your name in the cover of this journal. Further more, this journal is fit for one year. Yeah, I plan to write my 2018 log with this journal. So happy~ I look forward with the template for my new journal... >.< Oh, another description of this journal is they use HVS 80 gsm for this, so it's thick enough if you want to use marker to write on this journal. But I never try to use water color to this kind of paper, so be careful if you want to use water color on HVS 80 gsm.
The size of this journal is A5 (14.8x21 cm) and can be open 180°, so it feels comfortable to write on it. Can't wait to write on this journal! So excited~ The seller of this journal so fast response, so it's a plus point to this shop. You can contact the seller on Whatsapp +6281236398127. You send the picture of the cover from WA. Just wait around 3 days and your journal is being deliver to your address. I got a problem about the shipment. My delivery address is my office address, but it was  being deliver on weekend. So there is no one to receive my package. Because of it, I must contact JNE as delivery agent and my package is being deliver as fast as they can do. Overall, I really recommend this journal~

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